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Laser Hair Removal in Dwarka, New Delhi

With physical appearance of an individual gaining immense significance by each passing day, being presentable has become more of an obligation than option. Strolling around with unsolicited hair may give a cluttered look and sometimes sinks the person’s self-confidence. In some circumstances, it can also impact a person’s career prospects. On the contrary, an immaculately groomed person ultimately gains advantage at both personal and social level. To achieve that spick and span look, many people avoid wasting time on shaving and other humdrum methods. Progressively more people are opting for permanent hair removal solutions. Laser hair removal in Delhi is a type of permanent solution that enables people to accomplish what they earlier only dream.

Customary hair eliminating approaches common amid people are shaving, waxing, depilating, epilating and threading but they all get accompanied with an inherent drawback that they need to be repeated quite often. To save your time and efforts, Our aims to offer an all-safe and trouble-free technique of laser hair removal. The advent of this technique has made all the hair removal worries vanish. This practice endeavors to give a permanent escape from undesirable hair.

How does laser technique works?

Our clinic holds specialism in laser hair reduction and we utilize light sheer duet laser from Lumenis. The laser emits a beam of light that attacks the melanin i.e. pigment in skin that gives it a color. Laser hair reduction works marvelously when the hair on the skin is dark and the skin is light in color, attributable to the point that the laser beam captivates energy from the hair. This way, by taking up a series of sessions, you can witness a hairless skin that is smooth to touch as well as feel. There may be a bit of uneasiness at first, but it is only feels like a petty snap of a rubber band. At our clinic, we employ the state-of-the-art Light Sheer Duet machine which is virtually painless and is tremendously effective.

Ideal candidates for laser hair reduction

Undeniably, laser therapy is a non-invasive and even-tempered technique that can reduce uninvited hair from many parts of the body and impart impeccably fresh and radiant feel to the skin. It can handle bigger regions commendably because it disables more than one hair at a time. It is a prodigious substitute of waxing, electrolysis, shaving, bleaching and plucking. Contemplate the following situations if you wish to tag yourself as an ideal candidate for this treatment:

  • You have unwanted facial or body hair that makes you feel uneasy and less confident, you can undergo full body laser hair treatment
  • If you have uneven and dark hair growth in the bikini area, you can undergo bikini line laser.
  • If you have bothersome hairs in the underarms that deter you from wearing sleeveless dresses, you can aim for underarms laser hair deletion method
  • If you are a male and have uninvited hairs on back and chest, you can elect for chest laser hair removal accompanied by back laser hair method.
After care and recovery

Patients must use sunblock cream for the area treated that may get exposed to the sun. It is advisable for the patient to sidestep going out in sun for a least of 3 to 4 days post-procedure. This is because there are some probabilities of little itching in the treated area in some situations, so it must be avoided as it may harm the cured region. Avoid bleaching until few weeks after treatment. You are suggested not to apply deodorant up until after 24 hours of treatment on the skin area that underwent laser therapy. Also, use a moisturizer in the middle of treatment period to successfully fight the dehydration concern on the skin.

If you are planning to set your sights on laser hair removal, then your best choice should be Delhi Laser Clinic that is located in Dwarka, Sector-11, New Delhi. It is an unmatched laser hair removal clinic that utilizes the most pioneering and topnotch technology for entirely pain-free and perpetual deletion of hairs. You can visit our clinic for comprehensive information and thorough checkup to get a custom-made treatment plan.